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BLOG: Range Rover Velar Leasing for Personal or Business Leasing

Intelligent Vehicle Finance investigates the Range Rover Velar

Range Rover Velar Leasing for Personal or Business Leasing

The Range Rover is the quintessential luxury SUV. It has the power and durability of the toughest 4×4 but the sleek and sophisticated control of a luxury saloon, making it the best of both worlds. The Range Rover Velar beautifully fulfils the role of luxury and comfortable SUV and we offer leasing in the UK on the Range Rover Velar.

The Range Rover Evoque is a highly stylish, high performance, compact SUV that combines style with substance. The highly adept SUV with technologically-advanced features and beautiful design competes indirectly with Volvo XC60, Audi Q5, and BMW X6.

Slotting between the Evoque and Range Rover Sport, the new Range Rover Velar pioneers new design themes for the luxury brand. In our opinion, this the most attractive Land Rover model ever, thanks in part to its low-slung stance and long wheelbase. Signature exterior features include a high beltline, cab-rearward shape, and sloping roofline. The defined character line wraps completely around the SUV's exterior.

At Intelligent Vehicle Finance we are specialists on lease deals on the Range Rover Velar for business or personal leasing.

Compared to the Range Rover Sport, the Velar is just over four inches lower in height, three inches shorter in length, and loses two inches from the wheelbase. Yet the back seat legroom should still be more big Range than small Range.

Sleek Interior & Digital Management

Range Rover themselves describe the luxury interior as "From the Sports Command Driving Position, two 10? High Definition Touchscreens and optional Head-up Display, to individual sliding armrests and configurable mood lighting, every detail has been considered to provide a refined, contemporary driving experience."

The Velar's cabin is groundbreaking for Land Rover. Elegant minimalism is the best way to describe the latest Range Rover's interior. Physical buttons are a thing of the past, replaced by a 10.0-inch touchscreen infotainment display above a new glass panel. When the vehicle is brought to life, climate settings and drive modes are accessible on the panel. When the Velar is turned off, the panel goes completely blank.

Land Rover's Touch Pro Duo infotainment system with dual 10-inch touchscreen. The sheer complexity of adjustments and features absolutely dictate the use of multifunction menu-based controls. Presenting a sea of hard switches would blow the slick, seamless, cohesive aesthetic set by the designers out of the water.

The top screen tilts to a max of 30 degrees for visibility in varied light. The Velar's Internet-based destination search and navigation system can send an ETA to your contacts or recommend new routes for a commute. Onboard Wi-Fi can swallow the needs of eight devices. The infotainment system can also assist in backing the vehicle up with a trailer attached.

The lower screen operates climate controls and the multiple off-road suspension and drivetrain modes. Two conventional controllers change the lower screen's settings. Secondary screens inside them change readouts and info based on what's being adjusted.

The Driving Experience

Range Rover Velar's delivers efficient, refined and responsive driving from its advanced line-up of V6 engines and 4-cylinder Ingenium engines. With a lightweight aluminium architecture, it has been built to fulfil a greater life cycle approach, using more recycled materials, producing less emissions and lower fuel consumption.

The 8-speed automatic transmission has closely spaced gearing ratios which means you may hardly notice the change in gear of the finely tuned gearbox.

As well as an efficiently responsive engine and gearbox the Velar offers a confident, comfortable and truly enjoyable drive. Innovations, such as Adaptive Dynamics and optional Electronic Air Suspension, smooth the bumps to ensure on-road capability and ride quality are enhanced. The Range Rover Velar's handling is agile, responsive and crisp, ensuring cornering is sure-footed and connected.

Even getting in and out of the vehicle has been designed for ease and comfort with "automatic access height" option. This feature uses the electronic air suspension to lower the vehicle by 40mm when parked.

With head-up display, an elevated driving position for better visibility and "road command", electronic traction control and emergency brake assist the Range Rover Velar offers options that give you confidence when driving in the real world.

Arranging a Range Rover Velar Lease With Intelligent Vehicle Finance

The May edition of our Range Rover Velar review discussed leasing the Range Rover Velar with Intelligent Vehicle Finance

Now that we have reviewed the Range Rover Velar, you may have questions regarding what our leasing package may look like when you choose to lease from this fantastic range. We offer tailored leasing packages for our customers to ensure that you can have access to a car leasing contract that suits your requirements to the letter. 

Whether that includes tyres and servicing or insurance packages through our Total Care package, you can be sure that we have a car leasing contract that suits you.

Leasing a Range Rover Velar with Intelligent Vehicle Finance is a great way to be able to enjoy this range whilst not having to pay an upfront lump sum payment or arranging for a car financing offer that will likely be less cost effective than a lease.

Individuals that find that paying in monthly instalments for their Range Rover Velar lease would be more convent then purchasing a brand new model will definitely benefit from leasing one of these vehicles from us.

A personal car lease for the Range Rover Velar is ideal for employees and sole-traders who are not VAT registered. The benefit of this type of lease is that you have the credit check made against yourself rather than your organisation.

You can qualify for a business car lease if you are under a limited company, partnership, public company or sole trader. There's various benefits associated with choosing this type of lease such as better cash flow management, the ability to use VAT reclamation and receiving an increased return on investment.

If you are concerned about the depreciation of a new vehicle reducing its overall value and you know the milage that you travel per annum, a car lease is ideally suited for you. 

Can I Arrange for a Range Rover Velar Lease With Intelligent Vehicle Finance?

If you are a holder of a full UK drivers license then you are able to arrange for a Range Rover Velar tailored leasing package. We arrange for a credit check after arranging your personal leasing package and once this has been checked and confirmed, we will arrange the delivery of your brand new car.

If you have questions about insurance then we offer a range of insurance options as well as our Total Care package. 

This package offers comprehensive cover including your contract hire vehicle with fixed monthly rentals up to 5 years, third party liability insurance, own damage protection including repairs for accidents fire and theft, glass damage protection for replacement and repair of all body glass on the vehicle, no financial gap should your vehicle be written-off, guaranteed maintenance including regular servicing, unscheduled repairs and tyres as well as breakdown assistance which includes a replacement vehicle for the first 48 hours after a breakdown. Finally the package includes automatic MID (Motor Insurance Database) updates on your behalf to avoid hefty fines.

If you are reading this and feel that a Range Rover Velar lease is ideally suited to you then contact our team today to arrange a quotation and personalised leasing package!

You may have questions about the insurance options available when you decide to lease your Range Rover Velar with Intelligent Vehicle Finance and we are also more than happy to discuss these requirements with you directly.

Contact Intelligent Vehicle Finance to arrange for you Land Rover Velar lease today.

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