Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that leasing can be confusing. Read some of our frequently asked questions below.

Questions our team are asked frequently

Leasing is a simple way to drive a brand new car or van whilst benefiting from fixed monthly payments, manufacturer's warranty and road tax. You pick the length of the lease and the initial deposit to find the best deal that suits your needs and budget.

You won't even have to collect your new vehicle as delivery is free of charge to your home or place of work, anywhere in mainland UK. We also give you the option to add maintenance, which covers your cost of servicing and replacement tyres for the duration of your lease.

Leasing a car or van is best suited to drivers who want a fixed monthly payment and know the expected annual mileage they will cover. It means that you don’t have to pay for the car outright and you can switch to a new vehicle after the lease period ends.

A personal car lease is the best option for employed individuals and sole-traders who aren’t VAT registered. Prices for personal deals are quoted with VAT included as standard as it cannot be claimed back. One of the main benefits of personal leasing is that the credit check is done against a single individual and not an organisation. The main difference between personal car leasing and contract hire is that at the end of the leasing agreement you get the option to pay to keep the car – with contract hire you don’t.

You can qualify for a business car lease if you come under one of the following classifications - limited company, partnership, sole trader or public company. Business car leasing has various advantages and tax implications which are beneficial including VAT reclamation, increased return on investment (ROI) and better cash flow management.

Our available deals change all the time. Don’t see what you are looking for? Get in touch and we will see if we can find what the car that you wish to lease from our extensive list of suppliers.

Yes, we can find you pretty much any new car or van model on the market. We have relationships with over 200 suppliers so there are not many makes and models that we don’t offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for, simply get in touch and we will see what we can do.

Yes, all the cars and vans we offer are brand new. Some may be what is called pre-registered, where they have been registered by a dealer prior to sale. 

Yes, we are based in the South West but we deliver cars and vans to every corner of mainland UK.

Yes, signing forms and documents can be done electronically meaning that the whole process can be done online.

We use a variety of finance houses to provide leasing options. Even with a bad credit rating, we may be able to provide finance for your car or van lease. Get in touch with us to talk through your situation and see what's possible. 

No, the price quoted does not include insurance but it is something that we can help you to arrange.

Whether or not you own the car or van at the end of your lease depends on what type of finance deal you have chosen. 

Contract Hire is the most popular form of leasing. If you lease a van or car through Contract Hire, you will not own the vehicle at the end of the lease agreement. Once the Contract Hire agreement is up, you simply hand the car or van back to the finance company, who collect it from you for free. Provided the vehicle is in good condition, you will not pay damage charges. You can then choose a new lease agreement on your next car or look elsewhere.

Personal Contract Hire works in a very similar way. You can drive the vehicle for a set amount of time, but you never actually own it. When a Personal Contract Hire agreement comes to an end, you hand the vehicle back to the finance company.

If you've opted for Personal Contract Purchase, you have the option to take ownership of your vehicle at the end of your lease, by making what is called a balloon payment. This voluntary payment is decided at the beginning of your lease, and allows you to keep the vehicle if paid at the end of your agreement. You do have the option to hand the vehicle back and not pay the balloon payment too.

All of our vehicles come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The length of this and what's covered depends on the individual agreement. 

Yes, you are responsible for the upkeep of the vehicle throughout your lease. However, you can purchase a full servicing pack when you lease the car to cover these costs with a simple monthly fee. 

At the end of the lease you will be contacted to arrange collection of the car at which point it will be inspected upon handover. You may be asked to pay minor charges for scratches, bumps and dents which will be recorded at the handover. You can then arrange a new lease on a new car. If you have a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) lease agreement, you may decide to keep the vehicle in exchange for an agreed balloon payment.