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Hybrid and Electric Vans

In a bid to reduce emissions and have a positive impact on the environment, hybrid and electric vans have become increasingly popular with drivers. Not only do they present obvious ecological benefits, they also offer tax and business benefits.

What is a Hybrid Van?

A hybrid van is powered by both conventional fuel (diesel/petrol) and electricity. Offering two fuel sources, they are more environmentally friendly without requiring the driver to choose either one or the other. Hybrid vans are not a new thing. In fact, they have been around for over 2 decades in which time, many advances have been made in the technology, features and power of these vans.

What is an Electric Van?

An electric van does not operate on petrol or diesel, only on electric. With a range of over 200 miles with most models, you simply charge up your vehicle and drive. There are now thousands of charging points across the country where drivers can either pay a minimal fee, or charge their van for a limited time for free. In addition to this, it is simple to get a van charging port installed at home. Like your mobile phone, you plug in your van and wait for the battery to charge.

Why Hybrid/Electric Van Leasing?

If you are considering making the switch to a more eco-friendly vehicle solution but aren’t ready to go fully electric, there are a number of advantages to hybrid leasing. If you are fed up with fuelling your tank and paying exorbitant prices, considering an electric vehicle is a wise move.

Is a Hybrid Right for Me?

If you tend to make shorter journeys around the town or city, a hybrid  van is a great option. It allows you to switch to the electric energy source rather than emitting fumes. It’s not such a viable option on longer journeys where you may be required to switch to gas – not so eco-friendly.

Is Electric Right for Me?

With so many manufacturers now revealing their new electric models, within a few years we will say goodbye to conventional vehicles that run on diesel or petrol and all be driving around in electric vans. If you are looking for a new van leasing deal, now may be the right time to switch to electric.

Who Can Lease a Hybrid/Electric Van?

Almost everyone can lease a hybrid or an electric van. If you hold a full UK Driver’s License, you are in a position to enquire about any hybrid/electric van leasing contract.

Our team of experts can then discuss your individual lease requirements and create your personalised van lease quote, advising you of the best model/options to suit your day to day requirements.

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