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5 Reasons To Embrace Electric With The Lotus Eletre SUV

Knowing how to embrace the necessary and growing electric vehicle revolution might seem tricky if you’re in the market for a high-performance vehicle. When it comes to performance and sports cars, manufacturers like Ferrari and Aston Martin have historically led the way but their offerings in the EV market are still incredibly limited. However, one brand that has taken the move towards a greener way of driving in its stride is Lotus. Their all-new Lotus Eletre SUV is one of the most exciting electric vehicles on the market right now, delivering a ‘desirable all-new lifestyle car’ packed with some seriously fun features. If you’re looking to go fully electric in style, the Lotus Eletre should definitely be your choice. Here’s why…  

Sustainable Spin On The Classic Lotus Feel

When you think of Lotus, electric probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Lotus cars are known for characteristics like power and speed that really make petrolheads tick. What Lotus have done with the Eletre SUV, however, is stay close to this high-performance heritage whilst imposing a distinct sustainable spin on its brand heritage. Don’t get us wrong, the Lotus Eletre is still exceptionally fast and hits 60mph in 4.5 seconds en route to a maximum speed of 165mph, but it does so in an all-electric style with a three-in-one electric motor system integrating motor, controller and reducer.

Exceptional Efficiency

Range anxiety has long been a concern for potential electric vehicle buyers, particularly those used to driving performance-built models. Lotus have tackled these concerns head-on with the Eletre, using cutting-edge battery technology that not only ticks the green box but actually delivers the electric driving experience we’ve all been dreaming of. A 112 kWh battery that supports the very best 800-volt ultra-rapid chargers. You can expect to be able to replenish the battery from 10%-80% in approximately 20 minutes, with a full charge offering a range of 304 to 373 miles depending on the exact model you choose.

Comfortable Driving

Even when travelling at high speeds, comfort comes high on most driver’s wishlists. We’re happy to confirm that, with the Lotus Eletre, a comfortable ride is guaranteed. The steering is quick and feels great, which is no surprise given that no stone has been left unturned in terms of the experience-enhancing tech that has been packed into this model. Adaptive damping, air suspension with active ride height control and active aerodynamics all come as standard with options to upgrade even further with the more premium R version.

The Biggest Lotus Yet

In terms of appearance and design, the Eletre gives Lotus a whole new look. This is the biggest vehicle Lotus has ever made, 5.1 metres in length with five doors and a classic SUV feel. The bigger design still looks great though, with a classic compact bonnet, slick glass canopy and carbon fibre three-stage deployable roof-mounted spoiler that oozes class. The added size has been well-used inside the car too and drivers can enjoy an exceptionally flashy but functional 15.1-inch landscape-orientated central infotainment screen which adjusts the brightness automatically for consistent and comfortable driving. 

In Stock Today!

The best bit is that this is a high-performance EV that you can actually get your hands on right away. The Lotus Eletre is currently in stock at Intelligent Vehicle Finance, so there are no long and antagonising waits to get behind the wheel of your new vehicle. We have a range of different lease deals available to suit both individuals and businesses wanting to embrace electric with the Lotus Eletre. Don’t hesitate to get a quote online today or speak to our expert team to find the best Lotus Eletre lease deal for you!

Information correct as of December 2023. Please speak to our team to confirm current availability of vehicles.