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6 Must-Have Car Features You Need In Your Next Vehicle

There are many obvious benefits when it comes to getting a new car: a smoother drive, greater efficiency, and the chance to try out new features and technologies. No matter whether you’re in the market for a luxury car or a city runaround, it’s this latter benefit that we all secretly look forward to the most. After all, trying out new gadgets is always a lot of fun and our car is probably the most advanced toy we get to play with. 

If the time has come for you to replace your current vehicle or upgrade your lease deal, you will likely be browsing to see how you can embrace the latest car technology in your new drive. Maybe you’ve got a specific make or model in mind, or maybe you’re just looking for the best features within your budget.  Whichever camp you fall into, we’ve compiled a list of the must-have features to help you effortlessly elevate your driving experience. From safety-first technology to real luxuries, they are:

Regenerative Braking

Electric vehicles are having a real moment, bringing a truly sustainable driving experience to more and more drivers each year. If you’re not sure whether it’s worth getting an electric car, bear in mind that these vehicles are at the forefront of the latest car technology. As each brand competes to be the people’s choice, electric cars are packed with a number of must-have features. One of these features is regenerative braking - a true game changer when it comes to the way your car uses power. Regenerative braking stores the power utilised by braking in your car’s battery, improving fuel efficiency and reducing wear and tear in comparison to traditional braking systems. 

Smart Sunroof

If you’re looking for car features that will make your driving experience that little bit more enjoyable, have a think about the type of sunroof in your chosen model. Manually operated sunroofs are fast becoming a thing of the past as smart sunroofs become more and more common. A smart sunroof allows you to control the level of sunlight with ease, and many even automatically adjust the settings for you so that you don’t even have to think twice about the settings. Though this is undoubtedly a bit of a luxury, a smart sunroof is still a must-have car feature for anybody who likes to feel connected to their surroundings when on the go. 

Remote Heating

We’ve all been there. It’s a cold winter morning, you’re in a rush, and then you remember that you have to defrost your car. Imagine how much better your day would be if you could step straight into your vehicle with the temperature already in the perfect setting. With remote heating technology, this is entirely possible. This must-have car feature allows you to preheat your car using an app, allowing you to have a comfortable start to your day and save time that would otherwise be spent defrosting your windows and mirrors. 

Heated Seats And Steering Wheel

You’ll want your car to stay as comfortable when you’re off and moving, too. For frosty winter mornings and colder evenings, heated seats and steering wheels are more than just a luxury - they’re a must-have for comfort. This feature allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature while driving, reducing the need for you to blast hot air throughout the whole car. 

Lane Assist Technology

There’s no doubt that we are still a long way from entirely driverless vehicles. However, the latest car technology is certainly heading in that direction. Most new cars have been fitted with cruise control for some time, and now lane assist technology makes the safe driving experience even more advanced. This must-have car feature utilises cameras and sensors to detect lanes and monitor the position of your car within them. Should you move too close to the edge of the lane, the technology can alert you and/or gently steer the car back into a safer position. The benefits of such a feature are invaluable to both your safety and the other drivers around you.

Automated Parking Assistance

If you struggle with your parallel parking, automated parking assistance is a definite must-have car feature. Parking in tight spots can be tricky at the best of times, but this car technology takes some of the stress away. Not only can automated parking assistance automatically manoeuvre your vehicle into position, but it can also detect a suitable space in the first place so there’s no need to agonise over whether or not your car can fit!

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