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A Comprehensive Guide To Car Leasing In Plymouth

When purchasing a used car, local garages and dealerships are probably the first place you’d look. However, when leasing a new vehicle, many of us tend to look further afield to find the best deals and the right make and model. Though there’s no harm in shopping this way, you might be surprised to learn that you can shop local and still get the best value if you are exploring car leasing in Plymouth.

Based at the picturesque Royal William Yard, Intelligent Vehicle Finance is Plymouth’s local car leasing company. We’ve got a small but dedicated team of leasing experts on hand and can offer 48-hour delivery on some of the most popular models!

Why Lease Your Next Vehicle With A Local Company?

By choosing a company in Plymouth for your next car lease, you can be certain that you are supporting local jobs and local people. Better still, our commitment to keeping things focused on the nearby community means that we can retain outstanding levels of customer service. 

Our small team can take the time to really understand what you need from your next car lease and have the experience and contacts to meet even challenging requirements. And, because we’re backed by one of the largest leasing companies in the UK, we still have access to some of the biggest discounts and best deals on the market.

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Your Lease Options With Intelligent Vehicle Finance

Here at Intelligent Vehicle Finance, we can offer a complete range of car leasing options in Plymouth. These include:

Contract Hire

Contract Hire is one of the most popular types of car lease and could be a great choice for any business exploring car leasing in Plymouth. You can also go for Personal Contract Hire if you are leasing a vehicle as an individual.

This type of agreement allows you to drive a brand-new vehicle on a hire basis for a fixed period of time, usually two to five years. You’ll set an agreed mileage and monthly payment at the start of the lease, then return the vehicle at the end of the agreed term. Additional charges may apply if you exceed your mileage or return the vehicle with damage beyond wear and tear, but this will all be explained to you before you take out the lease.

Finance Lease 

Alternatively, you may wish to explore the option of a Finance Lease with Intelligent Vehicle Finance. Much like Contract Hire, this kind of agreement involves driving a new vehicle for a fixed time in exchange for a monthly payment. However, with a Finance Lease you also have the option of owning the vehicle at the end of the agreement. You will set a balloon payment that covers this and can either pay it and keep the vehicle, or sell the vehicle to raise the funds and benefit from any equity that may have grown if the car is sold for profit. 

Personal Contract Purchase

If you are an individual exploring car leasing in Plymouth and want the option of ownership at the end of the agreement, look at a Personal Contract Purchase. With this type of lease, you may an initial payment and a series of monthly payments in exchange for the use of a new vehicle over a set period. When that period comes to an end, you can either return the vehicle to the company, pay a balloon payment and take ownership of it, or refinance the final payment to spread out the cost of ownership. 

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is similar to a Personal Contract Purchase, but you don’t have the option of returning the vehicle to the finance company at the end of the term. It’s pretty straightforward in the sense that the vehicle will automatically be yours once you have made all of the agreed repayments, however this type of lease does come with the risks associated with ownership like depreciation and maintenance.

Ready to start the journey of finding your next car lease close to home? Get in touch with the Plymouth car leasing experts, Intelligent Vehicle Finance. We have a wide range of models in stock and ready for delivery right away and can help you explore different options and agreements so that you have a lease tailored to your needs.