A Guide To BMW Electric Lease Deals

Despite the UK government recently deciding to delay the planned ban on the production of new petrol and diesel cars until 2035, electric vehicles are more prominent than ever before. The number of cities with clean air zones is increasing, the London ULEZ has expanded, and the choice of electric vehicles and leasing options is increasingly varied.

One brand that has truly embraced the shift towards electric is BMW. Combining its typical associations with luxury and cutting-edge technology, BMW has rapidly evolved to become one of the most popular choices for drivers making the switch to a greener way of driving. 

BMW electric lease deals are certainly a fantastic place to start if you’re also ready to embrace all things electric, and this guide will tell you everything you need to know as you select your model and deal with Intelligent Vehicle Finance.

Benefits Of A BMW Electric Lease

If you’re considering leasing a BMW as your next vehicle, it’s natural to wonder what makes this popular luxury brand at the top of our list of recommendations. As is the case with electric vehicles more broadly speaking, the BMW fully electric range provides the benefit of reduced environmental impact in comparison to petrol or diesel cars, alongside lower operating and maintenance costs thanks to innovative technology and reduced fuel expenses.

However, the all-electric BMW range carries a number of benefits that really make it stand out. As well as a range of between 173 to 380 miles, you can expect to enjoy the following from the BMW zero-emission experience:

Efficient Charging

For many drivers, one of the main downsides of electric vehicles is the charging process. Having to break a journey for a long period of time to boost the range of your vehicle can be inconvenient, but BMW works alongside high-power electric charging partner IONITY. These compatible charging stations offer ultrafast charging at key routes and maximise the potential of the high-voltage batteries included in the BMW electric range. 

Sustainable Construction

BMW’s approach to sustainability does not simply start and stop with electric technology. Many vehicles in the all-electric range, including the iX, are also constructed with sustainability at the very forefront. These models use nylon made from recycled materials for key features such as the headliners and floormats, emphasising BMW’s commitment to putting the planet first with its innovation.

Reduced Ownership Costs

An often overlooked benefit of all-electric vehicles is reduced ownership costs as not needing to regularly put fuel in your car can decrease the day-to-day cost of running your vehicle. BMW proudly acknowledge that their own range of electric cars can bring savings of up to £230 per month as every model qualifies for the London Congestion Charge exemption.

Choosing Your BMW Lease Deal

With the goal of driving electric at the front of your mind, you’ll need to consider which type of BMW electric lease deal is right for you. Here at Intelligent Vehicle Finance, we offer a complete range of lease deals on all of the top models including contract hire and personal contract purchase. These can be a great way to embrace the benefits of a brand-new electric car at a manageable monthly cost.

As one of the leading providers of BMW lease deals in the UK, we can find the best option for you on the market and ensure that you choose the right type of lease deal for your own personal or business needs. If you are keen to explore your options with a new vehicle from the BMW all-electric range then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today! We’ll talk you through the models and lease deals available and provide you with a free and personalised quotation.