Everything You Need To Know About The New Car Registration

If you live in the UK, you’ll have noticed that car registrations follow similar patterns which represent the age of the car. New number plates are released twice a year in what is always an exciting moment for both petrolheads and anybody hoping to buy a new vehicle. 

The next new registration will be a ‘73’ plate and will apply to all new vehicles including electric cars and vans. Being able to proudly display the latest registration is an important milestone for many drivers, so if you are keen to get your hands on the upcoming plate then read on to find out everything you need to know ahead of the upcoming switch. 

When Does The New Car Registration Come Out?

New car registrations are released in March and September each year, meaning that the next new car registration will be introduced on the 1st September 2023. All new cars in circulation will have the new ‘73’ plate after this date, up until March 2024 when the next age identifier will take over. 

What Does The New Car Registration Mean?

Though every UK car registration is totally unique, all follow the same criteria and use unique identifiers to indicate specific information about the origin of the vehicle. The ‘73’ September car registration follows these same patterns. These are:

Area code

The first two letters of a UK car registration indicate where the car was first registered with the DVLA. The very first letter indicates the wider region and the second letter indicates the specific DVLA office within that region. 


The age identifier of a car registration is generally what people pay most attention to and it is this element of number plates that changes twice a year. The second two numbers indicate when the car was registered so you might be familiar with seeing ‘23 plates’ by now as these are vehicles with the first new registration from 2023. 

September number plates follow a slightly different structure to indicate that these are cars from the latter part of the year which is why the new September age identifier will be ‘73’.


The final three letters of a car registration are randomly generated to ensure that no two vehicles have the same plate. These digits tend to be the ones that are heavily customised when somebody opts for a private plate as they do not need to follow any particular patterns providing they are not already in use with the same area code and age qualifier. 

Is It Hard To Get A New Car Registration?

To get a new car registration, you need to buy a new car after September 1st 2023. Though this sounds like very simple criteria, it can sometimes be hard to get a new car registration as there is lots of competition and global supply chain issues mean that there are lengthy lead times across the whole motor industry. 

You are also not allowed to put a new age identifier on a car that is older than the year on the plate, so if you want a private plate with the ‘73’ registration then you must still buy a brand-new car.

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