person performing maintenance on car

Maintenance On A Leased Car: Your Options & Responsibilities

When you buy a car outright, understanding your responsibilities is easy. Full ownership of the vehicle is yours and this means that you are entirely responsible for its upkeep and maintenance. Matters can be less clear-cut where leased cars are concerned as the vehicle will typically be returned to the lease provider at the end of the agreement and this leaves many drivers unsure of their responsibilities in terms of maintenance and upkeep.

Are You Responsible For Maintenance On A Leased Car?

Your exact rights and responsibilities will always be outlined in full in your lease agreement, but you can expect to be fully responsible for vehicle maintenance during the term of your lease. This includes ensuring that routine work such as oil changes, tyre checks and brake inspections are all carried out. You will need to get the vehicle serviced and arrange the MOT if or once it is 3 years old (if applicable).

Crucially, you are also responsible for covering the cost of maintenance on a leased car - it is not something that can be passed onto the leasing company. 

Is Leased Car Maintenance Covered Under A Warranty?

When leasing a brand-new car, you will enjoy the benefits of a manufacturer's warranty. What is covered under this warranty will vary depending on the vehicle as well as the terms of your lease agreement, but broadly speaking it will cover any issues that may arise due to manufacturing defects like engine failure. 

Maintenance is not included in the warranty and therefore you should never rely on this alone to meet your routine maintenance obligations. We suggest familiarising yourself with the terms of the warranty and making sure that you know when this expires before you decide how you would like to approach staying covered should anything go wrong.

Your Maintenance Options

Many leaseholders are happy to arrange maintenance and repairs as and when they are needed, but this approach is not without its disadvantages. Maintenance can be costly and is often unavoidable which may leave you footing a large and surprise repair bill during your lease term. It can also be hard to know exactly where to turn if you do have a problem and you will always want to make sure your vehicle is being looked after by someone you can trust.

To reduce any worries you may have about maintenance on a leased car, you can add a maintenance package to your lease deal. This gives you confidence that any routine work is accounted for and spreads the cost of any work that needs doing over a longer and more manageable timeframe.

Where Does Wear & Tear Fit In?

Anybody leasing a vehicle should be aware of the term ‘wear and tear’. It is expected that you return the vehicle in good condition at the end of the lease duration but concessions are usually made for fair wear and tear. Minor scratches and interior wear are usually considered examples of fair wear and tear, but excessive wear and tear can lead to additional charges at the end of the term. You are therefore advised to address any noticeable issues during the lease term and staying on top of regular vehicle maintenance helps to do this.

Here at Intelligent Vehicle Finance, your lease deal can be created with easy maintenance in mind. Our tyres and servicing packages help you maintain your vehicle at a fair cost and enjoy peace of mind knowing that most of your maintenance costs are accounted for. Our team are always happy to provide you with more information about your maintenance options and obligations, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more today.