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Van Signwriting: Is It Worth It?

The anticipation will no doubt be building as you consider taking on a new van lease. Leasing a new van unlocks a wide range of advantages for your business including greater efficiency and improved security. However, the excitement of sitting behind the wheel should not overshadow the need to ensure your van is ‘ready to work’.

Securing appropriate insurance and taxing the van are essential steps before you hit the road. Additionally, you may also wish to consider different ways you could make your van stand such as van signwriting. This method of personalising your new van with your brand identity can be a great way of promoting your business. But, at extra cost, van signwriting isn’t right or necessary for everyone. This article will help you weigh up the merits of van signwriting so that you can decide whether it’s a good idea for your business.  

What Is Van Signwriting?

Van signwriting or wrapping is essentially the process of adding your brand or business identity to your van. It involves applying graphics, text and images to the surface of the van which can be seen by all as you drive past or are parked. You can choose to go all out and have a full-colour wrap that covers the whole vehicle or opt for smaller signage with simple vinyl lettering like basic contact details and your business name. However you decide to design your van, the signwriting serves as a mobile advert for your business. 

Advantages Of Van Signwriting

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to invest in signwriting for your leased van, including:

Cost-Effective Advertising

As we have already discussed, branding your vehicle essentially turns it into a mobile advert for your business. Your signwriting can be seen by thousands of people as the van both travels and parks in different locations. This continuous exposure can significantly boost brand awareness and recognition and, crucially, this is achieved cost-effectively. Once you have made the initial investment in getting the van wrapped and designed, there will be no ongoing costs. Van signwriting is therefore a one-time expense that can deliver copious returns over its lifespan. 

Convey Professionalism

Strong branding also enhances the professional image of your business and conveys a sense of credibility. A well-designed van is always going to look like it belongs to a more trustworthy and established business than a plain or non-wrapped van. However, it is important to note that this can work both ways. If your employees are driving badly or displaying poor behaviour, potential customers will also know exactly who you/they work for which could have a negative impact on business reputation. If you do decide to go for van signwriting, being aware that you are representing your business at all times is therefore critical. 

Potential Insurance Benefits

Van signwriting can also have benefits in terms of your insurance. Clear branding on your van makes it instantly recognisable which can act as a deterrent to theft. Some insurance providers will therefore offer discounts to vans that have signwriting, although there are caveats which we will cover when explaining the disadvantages of van signwriting.  

Disadvantages Of Van Signwriting

While making your brand more recognisable is appealing, it’s essential to consider both sides of the coin. One major consideration is the cost, as there will be an initial one-off cost on top of your monthly and initial lease payments. Although the long-term rewards typically outweigh this initial expense, tight budgets can make cost a significant downside. Other potential cons to consider include:

Security Risks

While clear branding on your van can act as a deterrent to thieves, it can also advertise the contents of the vehicle. If it’s clear what kind of goods you are transporting or tools you are carrying, thieves may feel more inclined to try their luck and get inside. You must therefore stay hot on your van security if you do decide to wrap your van. Think carefully about where it is parked if not in sight and leave it locked and empty overnight. 

Long-Term Commitment 

Van signwriting requires a long-term commitment to maintenance. Dirt and grime can quickly detract from the appearance of the design and therefore diminish the vehicle’s ability to advertise your business and professionalism. For this reason, you will need to be prepared to keep up with vehicle maintenance and touch-ups if necessary. We would also always strongly recommend that you get your van wrapped by a trusted professional to ensure durability and longevity. Poor quality designs and application can further diminish the appearance of the van and are hard to fix unless you get the wrap entirely replaced.

Get Your Van With Intelligent Vehicle Finance

When put in place correctly, van signwriting is undoubtedly a powerful advertising tool that offers numerous benefits for any business looking to increase its visibility and presence. If you are considering leasing a van and would like to embrace these benefits and explore your van signwriting options, look no further than the deals available from Intelligent Vehicle Finance. As part of our comprehensive service, we can help you arrange appropriate professional van signwriting for your new vehicle. Whether you are leasing a single van or an entire fleet, we will work with you to find the right deal for your needs. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and explore the different options available!