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Why Get Your 2024 Registration From Intelligent Vehicle Finance?

The new car registrations for March 2024 have been released (more on that here!) and if you want to be displaying the latest plates, you’ll have to get your hands on a brand-new vehicle. Purchasing your next vehicle is always an option, but with high upfront costs and the burden of ownership to factor in, leasing might offer a more suitable alternative.

Intelligent Vehicle Finance can help anybody wishing to get their hands on the 2024 registration. We offer a complete range of business and personal lease deals on the newest makes and models, so browse your options online today and read on to discover why getting your new car registration from us really is the intelligent choice.

Top Vehicles In Stock Today

Sometimes getting a new vehicle isn’t as simple as you want it to be. You can have your heart set on a specific model, only to quickly find out that stock is limited and you’ll be waiting for months to even start imagining what your new driving experience will be like. With Intelligent Vehicle Finance, however, you can get your hands on your brand-new vehicle straight away. We have a huge range of top vehicles in stock and ready for delivery today. When your dream model isn’t available right away, we’ll use our extensive experience to source it for you or find an alternative deal so that you can still enjoy the 2024 registration as soon as possible. 

Maintenance Peace Of Mind

Maintenance responsibilities are one of the biggest question marks that surround leasing rather than purchasing a new vehicle. While you typically don’t own a vehicle you lease (unless you choose a deal with this possibility at the end of the fixed term like hire purchase), you’ll still be responsible for all maintenance that doesn’t come under the terms of your warranty. Knowing where to turn for the support you need with this can be tricky, but a lease deal with Intelligent Vehicle Finance keeps this simple. We offer reliable tyres and servicing packages with one single point of contact. This allows you to sit back and enjoy driving the latest vehicle, rather than spend your time worrying about what you will do in the event that something does go wrong.  

Exceptional Customer Service

We understand that leasing a vehicle is a big commitment and one you will want to take on in confidence. You can be certain that you are getting a deal that works for you when you choose to lease your new vehicle with Intelligent Vehicle Finance, as our small but dedicated team of leasing experts will provide you with an expert but personalised service. But don’t just take our word for it, we’re delighted to receive great feedback time and time again from our customers. 

Get The Best Deal

And when you drive away in the latest vehicle with a shiny new 2024 registration, you can be certain you’ve got a great price when leasing with Intelligent Vehicle Finance. Our experience and backing from one of the largest leasing companies in the UK means that we can offer the very best deals on many of our available makes and models. You can also enjoy special offers on certain models - so swap the dream of having the new registration for reality and get in touch with our team today!