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Intelligent Vehicle Finance's Top 8 Van Security Tips

Van security is an area that has been becoming increasingly relevant to all of us, with an increase in the number of van-related thefts over the past few years. Criminals are increasingly adapting to modern van designs and finding ways to get around locks and exploit other potential security vulnerabilities. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the things that you can do to increase your van security and drastically reduce the chances of becoming a victim of theft for either your van or its contents.

Old-School Physical Deterrents Still Work

More traditional implements such as wheel locks or pedal clamps are easily visible to prospective thieves, making your van a much less enticing target for them once they see it. Physical van security equipment is a sight that no thief wants to see, as the challenge of removing it is often too much trouble and risk to be worth it. They’re also simple to fit and remove as you require. 

Upgrade Your Locks

Tools specifically designed to pick the common locks that manufacturers use on their cars are readily available, meaning that anyone going out of their way to break into your van will likely have very little trouble. By fitting aftermarket van security locks into your doors, you make theft by lockpicking a much more difficult prospect for potential thieves, giving you a strong boost to your van security. You can also add some other extras such as armouring on lock areas to increase your resistance to drilling attacks.

Make Sure That You Have The Right Insurance Plan

There are two kinds of van insurance that you want to be aware of, and you’ll want to make sure that you pick the right one for you. They are private van insurance and commercial van insurance. They cover exactly what they sound like - private insurance will cover you if you use your van for everyday use (travelling, food shopping etc.), whereas if you use your van for work in any way (including commuting), then it’s commercial van insurance that you want. You’ll also want to consider what policy you need for any good contained within your van. Discuss with your insurer to see what policies are available to you to make the best possible decision.

Install GPS Tracking

All of the van security measures in the world won’t make your van totally immune to theft. Even though you can drastically reduce the odds of being targeted, there is always a chance. Luckily, you can have GPS tracking installed on your van. This will allow you to keep accurate track of the exact location of your van in the event that it disappears, and will give the police a much greater chance of being able to recover it. 

Be Smart About Where And How You Park

Being careful about exactly where you choose to park is more important to van security than you probably think. Thieves prefer to operate in dark spaces where there is little chance of them being seen as they carry out their theft. By choosing to park in an illuminated area, you can make it so that your van is a much less attractive target. As vans are also quite vulnerable to theft on their back and sides, parking in an enclosed spot that cuts off access to these areas will be a major deterrent to potential thieves.

Keep Valuable Items Out Of View

You can up your van security by simply trying to disguise the fact that it contains items that a thief would consider valuable. Keeping your items out of sight in the first place (including any objects that may indicate that valuable items are present such as boxes or manuals) may be enough to dissuade prospective thieves from trying to steal your van - after all, an empty van is a much less lucrative haul than a full one. Sometimes this is not possible, but if you can it’s best practice to ensure that there are no tools left in your van once you’re finished with them. This way, you minimise your losses if a theft does occur. 

Consider Upgrading Your Alarm and Immobilisers

An alarm and immobiliser is your last line of defence against theft. Should a thief decide to and successfully break into your van, it’s these systems that will give you your best chance to stop them. As such, upgrading your level of van security with a high-quality aftermarket solution is a good idea. Keep an eye out for Thatcham-approved products, as these are considered the gold standard of van security solutions that you can buy.

Van Decoration Can Be A Useful Deterrent

An area that isn’t considered too often for thief deterrence is how you choose to decorate the exterior of your van. A van that has been decorated for your business, particularly if it includes your contact information, may well prove too troublesome to steal. It is likely that a thief will not consider it worth the extra effort to respray the van. This can be a double-edged sword however, as it can also indicate exactly what the thief may find inside of the van.

We hope that this guide to bolstering your van security has been helpful to you. If you’re looking for a lease for a van for either personal or business use, feel free to browse our range of available models here or get in touch with our team for a comprehensive discussion based on your budget and preferences today.