The Best BMW Models To Lease This Year

As the automotive industry evolves faster than ever before, a few brands continue to dominate. Despite the ongoing green revolution and changing preferences among drivers, one such brand continuing the way when it comes to popularity and innovation is BMW

BMW has long been synonymous with high-quality and luxury models, prioritising the latest technology and an all-round everyday driving experience. The brand has adapted expertly to the green shift in the car industry with a growing number of models available as part of its ‘electrified’ range. In terms of the best BMW models available, the electric models stand tall at the very top of our recommendations this year. These are our top picks and their standout features.

BMW i4

When it comes to marrying performance with sustainability, BMW has led the way with the i4. This model is the very first all-electric Gran Coupe, boasting a striking design with three robust powertrain options. As the first all-electric Gran Coupe, the pressure was on BMW to create a model with user-friendly and rapid charging capabilities. However, the i4 certainly delivers with a range of up to 365 miles on the eDrive40 model. Internally, the i4 also boasts a classic-feeling BMW interior, loaded with cutting-edge tech for a truly luxurious driving experience.

BMW i5

On the saloon front, the i5 is undoubtedly up there with the best BMW models. Also 100% electric, this midsize vehicle offers a great balance between performance and efficiency and ticks all the boxes in terms of both a comfortable and fun driving experience. Rear-drive and four-wheel drive versions are available, all packed with advanced driver-assistance features and a clever, battery-saving recuperative braking function to maximise range.


The iX3 is not only one of the best BMW models to lease this year but also one of the most popular SUVs on the market right now. Sporty and practical, the iX3 takes all of the best features of BMW’s popular X3 model and adds a big dose of efficient electric power. The iX3 offers a range of up to 285 miles with impressive handling thanks to a unique design that cleverly integrates the battery to lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity. Safe to say, if you’re looking for a vehicle that highlights the brand's ability to innovate within its already established categories, the iX3 is the one. 


You’ll find the iX1 on the smaller side of the SUV spectrum, but this model certainly still packs a punch. Available in Sport, M Sport and x Line specifications, the iX1 is a fantastically flexible all-electric vehicle that has certainly earned its place on our list of best BMW models to lease this year. It’s hard to tell that this model is slightly smaller than its popular counterparts, with a comfortable and spacious interior packed with a classic and practical media system. The range comfortably exceeds 250 miles, making this a fantastically flexible choice if you are thinking of embracing the cost-saving benefits of going electric with a BMW lease this year.


And when it comes to the truly luxurious end of the vehicle market, BMW is also at the very top of the best models available right now. The iX stands as the electrified range’s flagship model, competing with other popular large luxury SUVs. Each specification of this model utilises the same twin-motor four-wheel drive configuration for a comfortable driving experience that really doesn’t stray too far from a standard petrol or diesel car journey. The long-range capability and advanced features genuinely set a new standard for electric luxury vehicles and highlight BMW’s contribution to innovation as part of the electric revolution. 

Leasing A BMW With Intelligent Vehicle Finance

If you’re keen to get your hands on one of the best BMW models, a lease deal could be the way forward. BMW lease deals allow you to access the latest vehicles, brand new, in manageable monthly payments. Different contract types are available depending on whether or not you want to own the vehicle after the fixed term, meaning that there is likely an option suitable for you and/or your business.

Get in touch with the expert team here at Intelligent Vehicle Finance to discover more about the lease deals we have available for the best BMW models on the market this year. We can talk you through your options and help you find a car that is perfect for you while accessing the best prices on the market.