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The Benefits of Electric Vans for Business

What are the Benefits of Electric Vehicles for Business?

More Cost-Effective Operation

Electric vans for business are, simply put, cheaper to run. There’s no question about it. On average, electric commercial vans can travel up to 100 miles at just £4 – that’s the cost of the electricity you’ll need to cover that distance. When it comes to traditional cars, it would cost you almost twice this amount to cover the same distance.

Also encouraging is the fact that electric vehicles for business are becoming increasingly more economical to run as we speak.

No Congestion Charge

Owing to your business activities, you may have to travel in areas with a congestion charge. Luckily, drivers of electric commercial vans don’t have to worry about this. While some local authorities may launch a congestion charge for electric vehicles for business in the future, it does not seem likely at the moment – in fact, your electric company vehicle might save you even more money as localised laws continue to change and become more “green friendly”.

In London, for instance, the Congestion Charge Zone has a £15 per day charge. Not having to pay this due to having electric commercial vans means you can save your business £5,475 a year!

Citroen E-Berlingo Intelligent Vehicle Finance
Citroen E-Berlingo is a great electric van choice for businesses

Reduced Tax Liabilities

If you’re using electric vans for your business, you’ll be paying zero tax, thanks to Benefit in Kind. There’s also a capital allowances bonus of 100% in your first business year after owning electric vehicles for business – allowing you to minus the full cost from your profits before tax.

As for road tax, there is none. Even if you’re driving hybrid vehicles and not fully electric vans for business, your road tax will still be substantially lower when compared to driving a traditional vehicle for business.

The only exception here is if your electric vehicles for business are £40,000 per vehicle as that entails an additional road tax bill – still, it is lower than the normal £475 a year: £325 each year for the first 5 years. Besides, not that many business owners are interested in paying £40,000 or more for electric commercial vans, and some of the best electric vehicles for business currently available on the market cost notably less than £40k.

Low Fuel Tax

While business owners must pay 20% on the power used to drive electric vans, there’s no duty tax on fuel – that’s currently 58p per litre and can add up fast if you’re driving around regularly for business purposes.

So, why choose an electric van for business?

Here's the short answer:

  • Increased safety and better for the environment
  • Low "fuel" and maintenance costs 
  • Low tax 
  • Increased range at a much lower price 

Switching to an electric van for your business is an easy choice. Give our team a call to find out how switching to electric could save significant money for your business. 

*All prices quoted above correct at time of publishing.